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Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
The weird thing about Jacobs is that he did essentially do everything the "right way" in regards to his handling of the Bruins in a financial sense.

He privately financed and built his own arena.

Set up an internal salary cap to ensure his team made money every year

However, running a pro sports team like that does not ensure that you win games. Its no coincidence that the stretch between the 1995 and 2004 lockout was one of the worst for the Bruins. Salarys went out of control, he didn't bite, his team sucked, but at the same time the NHL went broke, and it was Jacobs who fixed it in 2004.
Pretty much. Jacobs is crass. There's no doubt about that. He is the antithesis of personable and the on ice product is not his primary concern. But he's responsible and intelligent and keeps his eye on the long term goals of the team and the sport in a way other owners haven't. He's no kingly figure, but he is a very, very good administrator. He does his best work when he isn't anywhere near his own team though.

If we can't have Bob Kraft types own every Boston team, I'll take a guy like Jacobs who knows what he's doing and can generate success before I take a guy who goes for broke, and then we get to watch a terrible product for years when "broke" happens.

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