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11-29-2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
Being switched to D has made me realize that I hate losing/giving up goals WAY more than I like scoring. I LOVE shooting (haven't scored a ton), but I would much rather stay out of the offensive zone and not give up easy breaks than get in the zone and score a few times, but also give up some easy breaks. I'd still prefer to play some wing, but my hatred for giving up goals takes over when I get put at D. I'm extremely competitive, but in a silent "what sould I have done better" way, not a yell and scream at my teammates way.
I'd say maybe 15-20 percent of the goals against while I'm on the ice are my fault, but when you get shelled for 2-3 goals against each night and are MAYBE at fault for one of them, it's grating.

It'd be one thing if every time the goalie pulls the puck out of the net it's because I gave up a breakaway or a left my man open, but when the goalie's giving up unscreened wrist shots from the point or the forwards aren't picking up the extra man up high...well then I'm doing nothing on offense and not getting rewarded for playing okay on defense.

And that makes me tune out as a player. When it feels like it makes no difference what you do for the outcome of the game, I'm checked out mentally.

Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Haha, as a winger I don't understand it either. As a forward I want to play on offense, so if someone tells me my defensive zone responsibility is to sit by the opposing dman so he can't receive a pass for a point shot? Well damn that sounds easy, why would I try to do anything else? Plus it lets me conserve energy for when we gain possession to go on the rush and forecheck.

Us wingers have it easy in our own zone, I really can't understand why some of us would want to complicate things and mess around in front of our own net. Yeah that's what NHL'ers tend to do but an astute observer may notice that they can skate fast enough to get back to the point & block the shot when necessary.

My job is to take away the point shot and deflect any puck that gets near there past the defenseman for a breakaway. So easy.

The usual complication is when one of our guys isn't doing his job picking up his guy or staying in position. Like when they get the puck behind the net and the strong side winger goes to the boards and our center or defenseman just stands in no man's land and lets him have it because I'm closer...but then I have to bail on my point man to go after him and that leaves him open, and then everyone gets pulled out of position.

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