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11-29-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Not everyone has a big guaranteed contract to fall back on dude. Most players haven't hit UFA, 2-way contracts aren't guaranteed either. If you get injured before your big payday then that's tough luck for you. If owners are losing too much money, they can just sell their team and get back their 2 or 300,000,000 dollars. If Phoenix can be sold, any team can be sold. Owners will never crap out, lots of players, on the other hand, can. You said it yourself, owners outlast players. Players have to cash in in their short careers, as most of them leave the NHL with no job skills and definitely little-to-no experience. Owners can take solace in watching the value of their investment rising by the year.
The minimum salary after the 04-05 lockout was 450K, last year, 525K I believe. Not bad for a fallback wouldn't you say? I was talking about regular NHLers.
But even the guys that have two way contracts, they still manage to hit over 6 digits annually, which is more than the majority of people. So, things aren't so bleak.
And If things aren't working for them, they're not too old to go back to school, and have made enough earnings to be there full time. Unless they were dumb and spent all their money on superficial things, but that's their problem.

So ya, players have to cash in on their short careers. But the absolute minimum still guarantees them 6 digits. If they have one way contracts at the minimum, in one year they'll make half a million. That's more than plenty of doctors, so again, things aren't bad by any stretch.

For the owners, they have every right to watch their investments rise. When a franchise is bought at half a billion dollars, I would hope the chance of profits is good, otherwise nobody would buy franchises. Who would dish out that much cash if the chance of profit was limited, small or difficult? How many people out there can afford a franchise and be interested in one?

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The same future any any other teen in Canada... A safe one.

What gives you pause with this argument?
There's still about 8% of canadians that drop out from high school. I'm talking about high school only here. If I recall correctly, the college rate doubles that.
So, how does going to school assures you a safe future? This is without mentioning all the other students that graduate and still struggle to find jobs in their fields, or others that simply go into areas that aren't financially interesting. Do an arts major, tell me how guaranteed your future is.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, nothing.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Evidence of dissension among the owners:
Nothing new. There's evidence of dissension among players too.

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