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Three Colors: Blue: 8/10
Juliette Binoche is always watchable, so that's a big strength. In my opinion, the most visually stunning of the three - I think the image of Binoche standing in front of that blue light/chandelier thing will be burned in my mind forever. Really liked the sudden cutting in of the string sounds...I thought that was a smart way to mirror the sudden pangs of grief. I have to say, though I liked much of the movie, I wasn't crazy about the ending; probably my least favorite ending of the three in fact.

Three Colors: White: 7/10
Historically thought to be the weakest of the three, and I agree. It's a nice, very clever movie, but it didn't engage me the way the other two did. The lead actor (too lazy to google his name, Zbigniew something or other?) was great though, and the movie is darkly funny much of the time. Julie Delpy is good, but unfortunately absent for much of the movie...albeit by necessity. Visually this was the least appealing for me, but that ending is pretty remarkable.

Three Colors: Red: 8.5/10
Definitely my favorite entry, I think it hits really well on all three aforementioned areas - visually great, excellent acting (Trintignant is superb) and an unexpected but perfectly fitting ending. Maybe Irene Jacob is my least favorite of the three actresses in the trilogy, but she still did a better job than I expected from her precipitous first scenes. She comes into her own during the movie quite well, but has her work cut out for herself opposite Trintignant. A great trilogy with a forgiveably lesser middle link. Blue and Red more than pick up the slack, in any case.

Silver Linings Playbook: 7/10
SLP didn't look particularly great from the thousands of trailers and ads that were crammed down my throat for seemingly the past month or two. The cynic in me has a knee-jerk reaction to those movies Hollywood loves featuring beautiful people whose illnesses are only just so to make them quirky and endearing, as opposed to ugly and offensive. But all things considered, it's a good movie, and it connects emotionally thanks in no small part to Cooper and Lawrence, who are both on the top of their game (although I didn't think Cooper was that amazing. Ahead of Phoenix? No thanks). Robert De Niro was also excellent - no matter how much crap he's been in the last decade, his performance is a reminder of just how good he is.
I found the movie took a turn for the worse right around the "Eagles game" scene (I won't say more for spoilers) - at that point the events lost a bit of their naturalism and started to feel more scripted, with a last-minute plot point shoehorned in to create a false sense of drama. Comparing this to David O. Russell's previous The Fighter, I don't get the sense that he has fully mastered subtlety, but it's a big improvement.
One visual complaint - what the hell was with the sometimes-swoopy camera? Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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