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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
No kidding. I find the obsession with the "lowest common denominator" around here incredibly obnoxious. How many posts have I see of people whining "last year my boss told me and the other cashiers at the campus photocopying store that we had to take a pay cut so i agreed because it was better than getting fired and it's so unfair that the players get paid a lot of money in bad economic times, that's not the way business works!!1!!1"
Yeah...this is a 100% fact and a lesson in life to anyone who wants / needs it. If you are not pushing forward, you are left behind. And that's totally fine, there is nothing wrong with being content with your current situation, you earned it and if it makes you happy, be happy, God bless you. However, if you are not happy, do not look onto others with jealousy, it is counterproductive to your own progress and if you wanted sympothy from others, you surely are not going to get it that way. I don't care if it is the NHL players, the neighbor next door, the guy from high school you thought was a loser that is driving a luxury car now...doesn't matter.

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