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11-29-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by lorwood View Post
Funny thread.

Tweaking the logo to include the entire geographical island is probably enough without being offensive or erasing the history.

An arm patch that gives a nod to Brooklyn is no big deal IMO.

But any wholesale changes are a bad idea IMO.

Once the team returns to a perennial playoff team this "dark period" will become an important part of the teams history. Wanting to wipe out this period by making wholesale changes is understandable but once the team gets to the point where they are a serious contender the anguish that has been caused by the recent history will subsided and, like I have already stated keeping the logo and colors will help tell the story including the "rise from the ashes"

Just my opinion
Agreed on all accounts.

The right move was made a few years ago in returning to the classic Islander colors and jersey style. The logo should be tweaked in order to reflect the move to Brooklyn. Best option would be to change the "island" to include Brooklyn and Queens. Accurate and fact, I doubt people would even notice. I like the idea of adding a Brooklyn-themed shoulder patch.

Current thirds have got to go and I would absolutely welcome a tasteful Brooklyn themed 3rd jersey. Those would sell like hot cakes, I tell ya...perhaps even be one of the more hotter selling jerseys for the first year or two...again, as long as it's "tasteful".

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