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11-29-2012, 10:43 AM
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Tio Toni said that Rafa's schedule will be the same in 2013 - i.e. no reduction in hard court events. Some gems from his interview:

Then Wimbledon has come… without diminishing Rosol’s merits, but I highly doubt that in normal conditions Rafael would have lost that match.
I don't want to slight him, but slight him I will.

If it was up to us we would play always on clay but it’s not something possible. Of the four Slam tournaments, two are on hard court. The Master 1000 are play almost all on hard court. It’s complicated to change the rules.
If I had my way, the whole tour would be on clay.

Then usually we have 3 Masters on clay, last year just two… having permitted to Tiriac to change surface in Madrid was a failure.
They only changed the color, not the surface, Toni. It's not like it wasn't slippery when it was red either.

it’s impossible to dope in tennis. If ATP thinks that is right to increase anti- doping controls, do what they think it’s better. It’s true that there was the case of Mariano Puerta, but since then no top tennis player has ever doped, I think that they are all clean. It’s hard to dope.
Not implicating Rafa here, but this thinking is so off base. It would be quite easy to dope in tennis and get away with it.

And the best of all, in regard to the WTF:
The surface can’t be changed because ATP has so decided. I think that it’s not fair to play always on the same surface simply because tennis is also played on court and grass. Probably because of ATP, Rafael has never won, until now, a Master. Which is the problem? The problem is very simple. When you ask the players where they want to play it, most of them, specialist of fast surfaces, answer hard court. This shouldn’t happen, ATP should take a decision apart from the players.
Most of the top guys are specialists on fast surfaces? News to me. The ATP should take a decision apart from the players? I'll remember that line the next time Rafa tries to align himself with the little guys on tour complaining that the ATP or ITF make decisions without regard for the players.

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