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11-29-2012, 10:47 AM
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I have moved this series of posts to the appropriate thread.

Cin, I don't really agree with most of your points in this case.

Clutch and grab didn't increase the amount of casual fans. The recent playoffs have suffered at times because they've reverted to clutch and grab. The reason why you remember it fondly is because the Stars were good at clutch and grab and enjoyed their greatest period of success during that era. Fans around the league don't think wistfully back on those Stars teams -- it was boring hockey.

It didn't have more contact either. Maybe low-level run-of-the-mill contact. Today's game has the most violent contact that I can remember. That's part of the whole question of whether the league is purposefully letting clutch and grab back into the game to curtail serious injuries and collisions.

NBC can't really be separated from NBC Sports Network. Sure NBC proper doesn't show many teams, but combined they show a very representative cross-section of the league. And there are simply more games broadcasted over more days of the week. The current arrangement is better than what they ever had with ESPN. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved growing up watching National Hockey Night with Thorne and Clement. It's nostalgia talking though.

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