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11-29-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'll throw out another baseball example, and say Derek Jeter. I hate the guy with a passion, but he just completed his 18 season, has garnered substantial all-star, golden glove, and MVP consideration, has been pretty healthy for the vast majority of his career, has hit 200 +/- 20 hits in just about every healthy season, and is a proven playoff performer. 0.313 career batter (0.308 in the playoffs), 1200 RBIs, almost 350 stolen bases, top level offense, top level defense, long term durability, rediculous aggregate totals, significant post season success (team and individual)... pretty much all the criteria, right? Doesn't have the MVP trophies, though, which is a concern I guess.

And depending on how long Pujols goes (and if he rebounds a bit), he could be another.
How could you hate Jeter? He's a bi-racial angel

One thing for me, is I never know how to compare athletes in other sports. Hockey has the 50 goals or the 100 point season, which really has set the standard of a "great season" but I've never known how to compare baseball, football or basketball. I guess I'm more a casual fan with those 3 sports but I've always wanted to at least know what sets a "great season" in those sports.

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