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Originally Posted by CroHabitant View Post
Answer to bold part 1

Medvescak has little in common with Croatian hockey, because Medvescak roster is made mostly of foreginers and players with Croatian roots but trained outside of Croatia. Second, their youth system is one big BS. Second, they don't have any attention to change it. I know that hockey player can't be produced in two or three years, that is one long and hard process, but Medvescak is already in it's 4th EBEL season and there are no signs that things are improving in that area.


First off, your first argument said that Medvescak and Croatians had little in common with the Austrian EBEL. Now your bringing up a differ argument but do not fear I do have a reply to that as well since your 110% wrong. The simple facts and numbers show you your wrong.

For 6-7 years now, since Medvescak became serious in its strive to become a BETTER hockey club, the average attendance has tripled on a yearly basis. SOLD OUT crowds at both their 15k dome arena and 6k seat old arena shows that they have HUGE fan support. So where do you get that "but Medvescak is already in it's 4th EBEL season and there are no signs that things are improving in that area.". SOLD OUT CROWDS... In 6 years the club went from being a no name club and people asking "WOW theres hockey in Croatia hahahahahaha" to being the #13 rated club in Europe in terms of average attendance at home games. So right off the bat, you have no facts for your statement and mine clearly show improvement.

The club does not need to have PURE BRED Croatians playing. All they need is some Croatian Roots, for home games to be played in Croatia and for them to be successful. Check, Check and OH YEA DOUBLE CHECK on the success part.

I guarantee you that Medvescak will have a better avg attendance this year... as the team is #1, and the outdoor Pula game sparked global interest. O yea and they have an NHL player. All signs of more fans being interested.


Answer to bold part 2

I perfectly know what I am talking about, because I read all what media writes and I know few people who has close connections with Medvescak board. Salary are coming late and later every month. Andy Sertich, our D who is with Medvescak from it's first day in EBEL, already packed his bags and wanted to return to USA because he didn't recieve his salary for months. Team president Gojanovic paid to him from his own pocket just to stay with team. The public secret is that Medvescak next season will either play in KHL or will return to it's pre-EBEL amateur status, because there is not possible anymore to bring adequate amount of money for some good placement in EBEL.

First off, your biggest issue there is you read too much into the media. I too have connections with inside of Medvescak on all levels. Plus I also have friends who play for the team and the junior team.

1) You mean Medvescak is the only team to have money issues in terms of late paychecks? What is this a joke? Even in European Football the highest leagues have teams that cant pay all its players guaranteed money. There was a whole issue with that in La Liga and Serie A two seasons ago with half of its teams having contract issues. I am sure all over Europe with hockey clubs its the same thing and probably worse. But this does not mean much.

2) It does not mean much because they are a team playing in the EBEL. Not a top 3 league... a top 7 European hockey league. They were asked to join the KHL this year but opted to say no to give it just a little more time in putting the pieces together. There taking their time with this decision and thats smart. Once they enter the KHL, they will have more publicity, more promotions, more investors and a higher shared revenue. This is how you properly grow a hockey club. You think its going to be easy with money whenever you start a business? . this does not mean the team is doomed, it just means there patient.

Answer to bold part 3

What I wrote it in previous section is tightly connected with this. EBEL will say OK for season or two being heavily underdogs, but later one they will think twice whether will they keep foregin team that serves as machine for getting better goal advantage !?

National team ? In pre-EBEL time Croatia played in D1, now we are third in D2A ! Sapienti sat.

I really didnt understand your English there buddy. But from what I understand you say that the EBEL will second think about having foreign teams?

You do know that in the last 5 years the EBEL had to shut down one Austrian team because they were unsuccessful. And they expanded the league with 4 foreign teams.

Since signing those 4 outside clubs, the league went from being #12 in European hockey leagues to now being #7.

You do also know that they just brought in a new foreign team as early as last year... and they are looking to expand again with two teams (Slovakia, Hungry) in the next 2-3 years. So what are you talking about?

National team ? In pre-EBEL time Croatia played in D1, now we are third in D2A

The Croatian National team has gone from Division I A to Division II B like roller coaster since 2001. You act as though joining the EBEL made us go into Division II.

2001- Division 1 group B
2002- Division 1 group A
2003- Division 1 Group B
2004- Division II group A
2005- Division II Group B

*** As you can see the trend... this is pre EBEL. And the team was going DOWN DOWN DOWN. Not because of Medvescak... because of terrible management and coaching and no proper youth system.

2006- Division I B
2007- Division II A
2008- Division I

Now we are just on a roller coaster going back and forth between luck and bad management

2009- Division I A
2010-Division I B
2011- Division II Group B
2012- Division II Group B

Do not tell me that joining the EBEL is what made our National team go into Division II. They are hardly related at this point. Its one big roller coaster. Back and forth between division 1 and division 2. Remember the Croatian national team in 2011 lost to Romania by ONE GOAL! And if we won that game we would be in division I. Where we would only go back to division II in a year or two.

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