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11-29-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I don't understand how Jacobs is able to wield so much power. This is as much about Jacobs getting his way as it is anything else.

Much as this is benefiting some players (the ones with big contracts and younger ones) much more than others, the other side is serving the hardliners closest to Bettman.

I wish the moderates - Snider, Molson, Chipman, whoever else has more to gain from playing hockey - would collude to overthrow Jacobs, but I know it won't happen. The worst part is Jacobs runs one of the most profitable teams in the league, but is so blinded by his own greed that crushing unions comes before logic.
Maybe it's just wishful thinking that Jacobs has that much sway. That he's the newly revealed Emperor behind Gary Bettman's longstanding Darth Vader persona. It's easier to publicly vilify specific individuals, perhaps. Instead, maybe 30 billionaire owners really are all just smart enough, confident enough, strong enough to speak for themselves and aren't taking that much issue with the overall league approach? They know their business, and I doubt any of them is dumb or has a small ego, they didn't get to be billionaires by being backbencher yes-men, probably. Fans and PA would like it if there was some hope that the villainous leaders of the BoG could be overthrown by an internal mutiny of the till-now-silent majority, but... I'm not sure it would make much sense if things actually worked that way... Maybe they do, but wouldn't it defy common sense if it was like that?

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