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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
You feel Im naive...OK. If it makes you feel better. Why not provide some facts to back up your points instead

Are league attendance #s down the last 5 years with the "more euro style game" ? Are you making this claim as a personal preference of what you want to see or FACT?

Why wait if your so unhappy with the direction of the league? I wouldnt spend my$ on something I felt was fixed and didnt enjoy. Attendance is down in Windsor for reasons that may include the ************* of hockey but Id think not having as good a team and economy as well as managements attitude also contribute
As far as the FO!!!- Not sure if your trying to be tough, cool or just vent but Im sure some LOndon people wouldnt be afraid to say it either lol. Not sure why you added that part

The reasons for the changes to the game are easy to understand ( doesnt mean I agree with all of them but I do understand)
Recruiting kids (selling the league to parents and skill kids--they actually sell the tickets not the meatheads)
Providing a safe environment on and off ice
Public image

With Branch trying to ruin the league and in your opinion driving down attendance in the future I wonder how his bosses (you know the ones he protects- which means hes screwing others over) feel about record franchise values, increased revenue streams, a continued flow of top notch talent to the pros (O probably leads in this category over the last 5 years) and on and on and on but dont let facts get in the way
Why dont you and crotch go to your own board and stop stiring up crap.You know how some of us feel here in Windsor , its no mystery.

Im supporting WR/Boughner at the moment, when i see its in vain I will head across the river dont worry.One thing we have that you don't PRO sports 10 min away.

as for the was aimed at Branch and the league Not U.Sorry if I was speaking my factory english for your virgin ears.

Go Wings!!!!!

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