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11-29-2012, 11:39 AM
Karl Pilkington
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Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
It just shows what kind of individual he is as a person.

Winnipeg is new to the game and obviously won't have the kind of experience dealing with this kind of thing that most of the owners do, sure. Their stance as a franchise, though, still holds weight as they are as much a part of this mess as any other owner.

But even if his statement has a bit of merit, vocalizing it in such a demeaning, jerkface way has no place among professionals. These are the kinds of people I don't take seriously. If you can't keep your emotions in check and feel the need to demean others when you speak, I could really care less what you have to say.
Most people in these positions see weakness as an opportunity to get something, not an opportunity to help the weak one get something for themselves (e.g, power, self-confidence). Dominance in theory.. but in reality dominance is not being threatened. Jeremy Jacobs and many others are threatened quite easily when it comes to two things: CONTROL and MONEY (which they use to control), AKA, this is their view of power and that they deserve to wield this power in such a way simply because they believe that power is THEIRS.. they don't consider where it comes from, or that they are still human beings like the rest of us.

Anyone who wants to take a STAB at understanding this mentality ought to read "American Pyscho"...

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