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11-29-2012, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Thanks for the information. I'm still a bit confused though, doesn't threatening the existence of low-revenue teams also threaten a lot of high-paying jobs with guaranteed contracts and high minimum salaries for players?

What type of anti-trust lawsuits are we talking about? Is there a link that explains this sort of stuff somewhere? It's all way outside of my field of knowledge.
I'm not saying that decertification is without it's risks. A free market system wouldn't have all contracts being guaranteed either. If the NHL does decide that no union and contraction are the best course of action, it will hurt the players for sure. Some of the pay issue is mitigated compared to past lockouts because of the existence of the KHL and willingness of other European leagues to bring in North Americans.

The whole cap system is only okay because the union agrees to a system of salary and contract controls, which exempts the league from anti-trust violations. Without the union or the CBA, it opens them up to that kind of case. I'm sure there are other issues too.

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