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11-29-2012, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
You cannot tell me that Medvescak is the only European sports clubs with money problems. Its EUROPE! Unless your in the 5% of wealth then your always going to run into money issues. Barcelona sports is in debt and there one of the richest in the world.

Yet Medvescak is doing everything right.

They are winning games and selling out crowds. There expanding their seating capacity and raising ticket prices and still sold out crowds. Events like the Pula outdoor game and signing players like Dustin Jeffrey will only further increase investors support and advertisement.

Medvescak reunited only about 10 years ago, they are doing 100x better than everyone expectations.

1) Win Croatia league
2) Enter Slovakia
3) 2-3 years dominate Slovakia hockey

4) Enter EBEL
5) 1 year playoffs, 2 years qtr finals, 3 years semi finals, 4 years ranked #1
6) team needs publicity... they sign an NHL player and host an outdoor game in Pula that makes global headlines.

Now what can they do?
7) Enter KHL... make more money, make more investors, make more sponsors, sign better players, more young Croatian are inspired to play the game and grow it from the youth. The team in 4-5 years starts to be a premier team in the KHL.

What else can they do
8) medvescak and their official fan page is now looking to bring live stream games to the online world so fans from all overthe world can watch... There are hundreds of people in New York who love the team but cant watch.

What else can they do?
Make an online shop with selling jerseys and sell the logo and market the team

They have not declined.
Facts... Austria league #11 in 2008. 2011 Austria league is #7 with Medvescak being #13 in average attendance. This will only increase with signing NHL player, signing better players, winning games and being #1 and hosting the outdoor game which will count for this years average attendance rankings
Not Slovakia, but Slovenia...

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