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11-29-2012, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jet Bomber View Post
So he gets to publish two completely different sets of rankings. Okay, so let's review the actual RANKINGS you posted.

He has Reinders above Eppele, which is laughable. Bender as the top guard ahead of guys like Bomben, Matte or Neufeld. Bender as the top guy in any list was a sad choice but that's typical because as I said, Forde knows very little about the guys from the NCAA other than what scouts tell him and Bender was coming out of Nevada.

Not sure why ranking Greaves as a DT suggests he thought Greaves could become a starting guard like Walters did. According to his list of receivers, he bought into Steven Turner and Jordan Sisco hype WAY too much and totally undervalued Foster. Interestingly enough, you'll see he also has Rory Kohlert ranked waaaay down at #19. Missed the boat on where to rank Rwabukamba who, of course, was another NCAA guy.

Muamba went #1 because BC / Edmonton were going to take him otherwise. Do the research on that one, no way was he going to be there at #4. Scott Mitchell, you would have been fine with? Meh. Good for you. Scott Mitchell was another guy Forde hyped up coming out of the NCAA who realistically should have probably gone in the 2nd or 3rd round. He's progressed through Edmonton's system at the same pace Paul Swiston has progressed through ours. Despite the fact that Edmonton started the year with their ENTIRE projected starting offensive line out due to injury or in one guy's case, a prison term, Mitchell STILL couldn't crack their lineup until mid-season. That's terrible progression for a #2 pick.

I'm not going to remember that we knew we were picking Poblah in the supplemental draft because that's not at all true. Poblah didn't become eligible for the supplemental until AFTER the draft and Mack has gone on record since to say that he likely would have gone in a different direction at #4 had he known Poblah was going to be available. To suggest otherwise is revisionist history on your part.

As for Forde's rankings, I see plenty of errors again. Why he ever thought Craig Butler was not as good of a prospect as Carter (another NCAA guy he overvalued) or Hugo Lopez is a mystery to me. He ranked Brody McKnight (again, NCAA guy - see the pattern here?) third in the kicker rankings and he ended up going in the first round and was again recently dealt for a first rounder. Not too many glaring errors in the offensive rankings, although I still can't believe NOBODY saw Parker as a potential bust. Parker and Etienne were very similar in terms of the tools they offered as prospects, except one was coming out of Calgary as a second generation player. Somehow that was enough to have him go 3rd in the draft.

Forde wasn't the first one to call Westerman's rise at all. He was the guy who REPORTED it because that's what he does. He's a reporter. Westerman's rise started at the combine. As for wanting Plesius or Fabien, good on you. If you want more Jonathan Hardaway clients, it'd be your funeral as a personnel guy. Plesius dropped in the draft solely because his agent is a total knob and nobody wants to deal with the guy. Fabien is represented by the same guy. Hardaway is an agent with his own best interests in mind, which is why he's misleading about player intentions (see: Fabien holding out for starting NI money in camp and then going back to school despite telling BC he wanted to go pro) and why teams are reluctant to draft his guys anymore. We'll see how negotiations go with Gascon-Nadon, Plesius and Rockhill in Hamilton this year.

There is legitimately NOTHING wrong with the Pencer pick at this point in time and even though you probably ignored it because it didn't come from the almighty Duane Forde, if you were to go back and look, you'd notice an article in the Toronto Sun about the combine where it was stated that several scouts in attendance believed Pencer had the potential to go as high as #1. Pencer wasn't a bad choice, he was a bit of a risk because of injury issues but come on, this is the CFL Draft. Every pick is a risk. Pasztor was a risk because of NFL interest. Fabien was a risk because of his agent. Pick your poison. Pencer has potential at tackle, not just guard and that's not something you can say about those other guys. I don't mind the pick even if everyone else feels like it's terrible because he suffered an injury and now he's a "write-off".
Nice, you have to ability to pick out flaws since Forde is forced to publish rankings with every single player. Can you imagine what I could have found if Mack had been forced to publish his whole rankings.

And again, you making huge huge assumptions based on these rankings. You are saying if they bring in Forde, he will ignore team needs and ALL other information which is not incorporated into the rankings and stick solely to his rankings. You really think he is going to run his draft like that? C'mon.

As for the Poblah thing, most people had him in the regular draft until shortly before the real draft, it was not certain but pretty well known that Poblah would be in the supplemental, and for Mack to claim to know nothing about it is either poor poor poor research or him lying through his teeth.

I have never said Pencer is a "write-off". But he has not played a SINGLE down of football in over two years now. That is mightily concerning. I even said that the 2012 draft is much too early to call, as you said they are all risks, so really can you say anything about the Pencer pick?

Originally Posted by Jet Bomber View Post
My god. I wish I had gotten to this comment before I spent time replying. The CFL draft is HUGELY important to the success of a franchise and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Canadian talent is what separates successful teams from unsuccessful ones. Everyone can scout talented Americans, but can you fill your depth with Canadians? That's what the draft is for and it's incredibly important.
Every team finds gems, every team finds busts. CFL draft is a crapshoot. You find good players all over the place, including FA (like for example Justin Sorenson and Rory Kohlert both who started for the Bombers last year despite their emphasize for the draft). Bombers seemed to do fairly well trading their picks under Taman, to the tune of being the best team in the league for 3-4 years straight. That seems to fly in the face of your "draft is incredibly important" theory, does it not? But no, Mack can do no wrong right? He says it's important, it's important. The draft is one aspect of the team, but it's not nearly so important as say an NHL draft. The best talent is always going to be imports.


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