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11-29-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
what a load of nosence.

KHL had to feel like winning lotto when getting first non-soviet team from hockey-relevant country and with decent history. Because till then, all you got was artificial projects like LEV, applications from non-hockey areas (Milano) and a lot of howlers and refusals from hockey relevant countries. Slovan help KHL to look better, while KHL help Slovan to play a real league, itīs win-win for both sides. Marginalising Slovan to "another poor KHL club" is too dumb even for your standards. Get off your high horse.

Anyway, Slovan is hardly a poor team. New arena, every game sold out weeks in advance (bar Riga game, no idea why), hockey mad environment and tradition you guys can only dream about.
Why do you think Slovan makes the KHL look better? I mean, I'm sure it made it more interesting for you guys in Slovakia, but I have a feeling everyone else is more or less indifferent. Personally, I think it's cool the team joined the league, but I'd be equally satisfied with having just Russian teams, plus both foreign Dinamos and Astana battling it out. So if you were saying it makes the KHL look better in Slovakia, then I agree, but if you were talking in general, I don't see it.

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