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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
For starters, the concern should move away from westerns already. SK puts out some very strong hockey players from teams that do not make it to westerns. I too would like to see a better showing but truth be told is the other teams simply are better. We're talking about the four top teams in western Canada here (and the fifth being the host).
I completely agree with this, as do most of the people I talk to about this issue. But if not to perform better at Westerns, then what is the reasoning for contracting Bantam AA hockey so significantly in the province? The province has gone from 29 to 23 AA teams in two years, and most are suggesting that Saskatoon should chop another two teams. Even if we did that - hell, even if we chopped another 10 teams - we'd still barely compete at Westerns. But that's what I don't get - if not to compete at Westerns, then why contract?

Okay, let's disect it. Burnaby, home of the Burnaby Winter Club (regarded as perhaps one of the best organizations) is a city of a mere 220K. Good for third largest in BC. Their program however draws in elite players from neighboring Vancouver (yes people will move and pay - yes shocking I know)... Saskatoon is comparible in size but does not have the same appeal. Trust me, if it did, Team Sask would be very strong.
Based on the logic most of the SK hockey community uses, if Saskatoon went down to a single team (like Burnaby) it would be the destination team for all the top players in the province. Why? Because it would win every game it played all season, regardless of the opponent, and that's what parents seem to care about.

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