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11-29-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by worraps View Post
It's not about subsidizing Katz. It's about sustaining the Oilers in Edmonton for the long-term and revitalizing the downtown core.

In a league where 83% of income is generated by 3 franchises (Leafs, Habs, and Rangers) who are always finding ways to drive up player costs, a team in Edmonton can only be sustained with community assistance. Until the NHL institutes serious revenue sharing, new CBAs will just be band-aid solutions that are achieved at great cost (work stoppages).

Over the next 35 years there will be periods where Alberta economy will struggle and the Canadian dollar will fall (relative to the USD), count on it. When that happens the Oilers will bleed money.

Only a fool would sign a non-sweetheart 35 year arena deal in Edmonton.
Hes got a sweetheart deal . He just wont sign it. And the question was posed is exactly how was the City an "idiot" in how they proceeded on this?
And just so Im clear on the argument, is the "pitch" that the deal should be that the Oilers make there 10's of millions in the good times, but are to be insulated from the bad times.

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