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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Hes got a sweetheart deal . He just wont sign it. And the question was posed is exactly how was the City an "idiot" in how they proceeded on this?
And just so Im clear on the argument, is the "pitch" that the deal should be that the Oilers make there 10's of millions in the good times, but are to be insulated from the bad times.
It was a great deal for the city too, they were getting in effect a crown jewel center piece arena complex out of a science fiction movie for their decrypt downtown core with a can't-miss draw (the Oilers) attached to it, guaranteed to bring in 18,000+ on at least 41 nights a year in the dead of winter.

For the same price from their pockets as it would cost to renovate this piece of crap:

I don't know but it seems like there may have been some ambiguity from both sides on the prospect of a gaming license (which is why that's called a framework and not a done deal).

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