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11-29-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
If you are being serious on this, I doubt very much anyone would even say on here they won the lottery let alone post again. Winning the lottery has led to many people making radical changes.
Yeah, I think I'd prefer to win five million bucks rather than five hundred million bucks. The three million the government would allow me to keep would mean that I could just kind of chill out, do whatever I want, not have to worry about money, and live a relaxing but relatively normal life. Now, the three hundred million I'd be able to bank if I won the big one would probably make me a little too weird. I'm not sure it's healthy to have that much money.

Heck, winning two hundred kay (after taxes) is really a great number for me. Pay off house and cars, pay for undergrad and grad for me, as we as a grad degree for the wife, and then just work without having to worry about paying any bills. No mortgage, no car payments, no student loans. Ahhhhhhhh....that's the life. Property tax and utilites as the only bills? That's the feeling of bliss, right there. Stress free.

This poster should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.
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