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11-29-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
It was a great deal for the city too, they were getting in effect a crown jewel center piece arena complex out of a science fiction movie for their decrypt downtown core with a can't-miss draw (the Oilers) attached to it, guaranteed to bring in 18,000+ on at least 41 nights a year in the dead of winter.

For the same price from their pockets as it would cost to renovate this piece of crap:

I don't know but it seems like there may have been some ambiguity from both sides on the prospect of a gaming license (which is why that's called a framework and not a done deal).
Im not so sure it was a "great" deal. For all intents & purposes, the City & the paying for every penny of it. But regardless, its important & perhaps needed for the City, I cant disagree with that.
My only point on all this (or on this one anyways) is I really dont know what the City could have done any different to make it go quicker & to get it done, other than to give the guy a blank cheque.
Its like people hate Northlands & say they are horrible operators. They cant articulate why, other than its obvious they are & were & are an indepidement to Katz making money.

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