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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Lidstrom's 10/11 season doesn't even get close to a top 5 finish in any year of the 90's.
And it wasn't even as good as Bourque's 40 year old final season.
Lidstrom scored more at 40 than Bourque did, both absolute and adjusted.

In fact, his adjusted numbers from that year stack up pretty well against many of Bourque's PRIME seasons.

A clearly declined Lidstrom was equivalent or only slightly worse than Bourque offensively. And better defensively.

At this point it's like arguing Brimsek v. Hasek. One was clearly the best in the league over his career span in that he was considered one of the best from start to finish. The other had one of the best primes ever at his position, but was not as strong outside of his prime.

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