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11-29-2012, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Im not so sure it was a "great" deal. For all intents & purposes, the City & the paying for every penny of it. But regardless, its important & perhaps needed for the City, I cant disagree with that.
My only point on all this (or on this one anyways) is I really dont know what the City could have done any different to make it go quicker & to get it done, other than to give the guy a blank cheque.
Give the guy a gaming/casino license and be done with it. Lets get this freaking thing going.

A gaming license does not cost the tax payer directly. Ultimately, I don't care if Katz gets a sweet deal.

Heck, I want him to have a sweet deal, I don't want the Oilers to be subject to the whims of an Alberta economy that can topsy turvy every 10-12 years. This deal has to work for the Oilers not just for today but for whatever the future holds.

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