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11-29-2012, 12:52 PM
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But that's undeniable, Ryker. Even Russian media recognize it's a milestone. Last year's milestone was that with Lev Poprad, a club based on the territory of outside former Soviet Union joined the KHL for the first time. This year's milestone is that the first traditional hockey club from outside the former Soviet Union is playing in the KHL. That's Slovan, because both Lev Poprad and Lev Prague are artificial creations.

If you think Russia and Russians are popular in Slovakia, think again. They are not. For most Slovaks, they are associated with 41 years of Communist oppression and the 1968 military invasion. If, despite all this, Slovan decided to join the KHL and the KHL became a huge hit with the hockey public, this is an important achievement for the KHL. It proves that love of hockey can overcome political prejudice whose origin is in our troubled past.

Some Finnish posters on this board said repeatedly that a Finnish club will never join the KHL because Russians are very unpopular in Finland. Well, they're also unpopular in Slovakia, but here we have Slovan playing in the KHL. It's hard evidence that hockey can overcome barriers of national prejudice. That's why having Slovan play in the KHL definitely "makes the KHL look good" to the outside world.

As to comparing Quebec to Slovakia, of course it's an outrage Quebec only has 1 NHL team today. How many NHL teams does Quebec deserve? I don't know, because I'm not familiar with Quebec. Is Quebec perceived more as a unit, or are there traditional internal rivalries within Quebec, just as there have always been traditional internal rivalries among Western, Central and Eastern Slovakia? It's because of those 3 distinct Slovak regions that I believe it would be appropriate for Slovakia to have 3 KHL teams. Are there similar internal divisions within Quebec? A Canadian poster on this board might tell us that.

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