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11-29-2012, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Firefoxx View Post
To the bolded part, not neccessarily. Sure some will want the highest draft pick possible over those years, but from what I have seen making the playoffs (the added games and experience) can actually affect player progression in a pretty significant way.

So a team that is already prospect heavy (my Senators for instance) might try and go deep for the added experience to already young nhlers (Cowen, Karlsson, Zbad, etc). Or i could choose to try and plug the few prospect holes I have (defence, future centers) by trading away a few pieces to those that aim for the playoffs.

Also, a lot of the trading would be prospect for prospect types, attempting to fill holes. If say Pheonix is forced to wait 3 years before trading away one of their defence prospects for a forward, it takes some guess work away for the opposing GM since they can see the progression rather than assume it. What if Rundblad tops out as a low 80 instead of hitting a high 80? It can change his trade value and it takes away some control of your team and your assets IMO.
All reasonable points.

I guess, to me, it comes down to this: Do we want more or less shaping of the team we are "starting" with in 2015. If it is "more," then you're right, we should do it as the OP suggested. If we want to essentially "fast-forward," though, then I think we should limit the interactions.

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