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11-29-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Canucks5551 View Post
Science is a tool. It doesn't have an opinion. The scientific community would love if Bigfoot was real, though. Discovering new species is always exciting. The problem is that the burden of proof is squarely on the people claiming Bigfoot exists. Right now there are only anecdotal accounts, and anecdotes are known to be mistaken very very often. It's very improbable that we wouldn't have direct evidence if there was a sizable population of large non-human primates in North America. Keeping an open mind does not mean accepting claims that are not supported by the evidence.
I'm from a family of scientist so I know how science works, not to mention I'm not calling out science but the people IN science. And there is plenty of evidence and was willing to show it but I'm not going to do it when people refuse to believe there is any possibility they can exist. And yes I do consider people who close to their eyes to this on the same level as those who at one point refused to believe the earth is round and earth revolved around the sun. Whats the point man? Until then I will wait to see what Ketchum has in her paper.

And watch what happens if her evidence can't be debunked, there are going to be many in the science community mad as hornets about it, so NO I don't believe many in science would be genuinely thrilled or happy about this discovery. Many are going to be pissed off that it ain't a myth anymore.

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