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11-29-2012, 01:08 PM
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Well, it definitely looks like they take the stealth approach, which I agree would make the only sense. You go in there guns blazing and the guards on the wall, no matter how bad of a shot or inexperienced they are, are going to take some of Rick's group out.

I'm sure this has already been hashed and rehashed so forgive me if I'm repeating;

1) Oscar asking Rick if he thinks Michonne's leading them into a trap at which point Rick holds her at gunpoint. I hope this is before they enter Woodbury because it would be a little silly to ponder that question once you're already inside of the walls. It also insinuates, at least to me that she does share points of interest and/or a general layout of the community.

2) Michonne definitely mentions Merle before they sneak in. If there is no Daryl/Merle confrontation I'll be disappointed. Looks like Woodbury is also throwing another one of their nightly walker fighting extravaganzas or something like that. Oscar and someone with him are shown sneaking behind a ring where a decent sized congregation (relative to the population of Woodbury) have gathered.

3) Before the shooting begins, Rick already has an automatic weapon so this leads me to assume they stealthily take out the guards on the wall first. Also, the smoke grenades thrown; I don't remember Rick's group having that type of equipment but I assume they either came from the prison armory or off of the dead Woodbury people they incapacitate. Either way, it's nice to see they've come in with a plan of attack.

4) Also, is it just me that wants to see a Michonne/Andrea confrontation?

Watch out for the spoilers out there on the net. I already had a character death spoiled for me in the episode next week and I'm not happy about it.

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