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11-29-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by philb613 View Post
This draft absolutely sucks I don't want our pick. Even when this team tanks they do it in **** years. Next year a tank season would be worth it to get Wiggins, Shabazz is not going to be a superstar, good player may make an all star game or two but not somebody who's going to change the franchise, which is desperately what this team needs. This season is quickly going down the tubes Colangelo needs to be fired since taking over the team they've made the playoffs once, lost the only star player and had perpetual terrible seasons. This year there's no hockey and still nobody in the media seems to give a damn about the Raptors. It's insane that Colangelo has not taken serious blame for this. Casey too has a ton of responsibility the team folds in the 2nd half every god damn game, half time is to make adjustments the other teams seem to know how to do it, figure it out. And what kind of defensive coach lives and dies with soft players in bargs and calerdon who play no defense, there's no accountability.

Rant over
I'm sorry but please explain to me how getting Dominic McQuire out of our starting line-up isn't going to help our team? Specially some one as good of a scorer and defender as Shabazz. It's the Raptors glaring hole and it has been for a while. He can defend and score at the 3, which the Raptors need. Specially if they are trading Andrea..

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