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11-29-2012, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I could agree that Kosice joins KHL if the following thing happen:

1. Akhmetov buys USS (still if) and
2. All HC Kosice management is fired and
3. Something gets wrong in Italy, Germany, Croatia etc

Btw Akhmetov´s friend, Kolesnikov, has his own hockey club, it is called Donbass Donetsk. Why the hell does not Akhmetov invest into Donbass? To club from his city? Ahh, he wants to invest into HC Kosice, a club which he does not care about
1) big IF, agreed
2) who brings money will install own managment, simple
3) unpredictable

I know about financial background of Donbass and Kolesnikov. Akhmetov is passionate about sports and he might find it temtping to invest into hockey club. Sooner or later, Slovak authorities might even encourage him with tax allowance etc. Such an indirect gvt support aint exactly unknown concept in KHL

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Lets look at plan. +Tyumen, Togliaty, Sochi, 3-4 german clubs, Zagreb, Helvetics ... it is 8 club + current 26. And you want Kosice and other slovak clubs? really? This not going to happen if everything is ok (not like AIK in past).
I never mentioned other Slovak clubs, just Kosice.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
How many NHL clubs does Quebeck have? Such a great marker (greater than Slovakia), ideal for 3-5 NHL teams according to your logic.
never mentioned 3-5 teams. 2 is enough for me.

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