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11-29-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Generic User View Post
I dislike EASHL with strangers because no one passes. Everyone plays hero hockey and tries to coast-to-coast it when the three or four other skaters on the ice are wide open.
Yep, exactly. Or they go for the one-timer on the slot. Easiest thing to defend against, ever.

Have you noticed how in EASHL, there are sometimes teams that will simply kick your ass like 15-1, no matter what you do? Played against a couple of them with my team. It's unreal. We have a forward with 96 speed and he got comfortably outskated by their forward who had the puck, despite him being in full stamina as it was early in the period. Also, their sticks probably have some sort of glue or magnets in them. Poke checks rarely succeed, and if they do, they just get the puck back at full speed immediately afterwards.

Also, they can maneuver any way they like and pass through sticks and players blocking the pass/shot.

It's ****ing ridiculous. Our goalie/C hates it the most, but as I'm our DD, I ****ing hate it too.

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