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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
I am only arguing that it is a valid and fair tournament for the teams that are assembled. Of the 30 NHL teams, 22 have been eliminated from the playoffs in time for the WC, so it is theoretically possible that Canada's best players could actually be available to play in the WC. If they choose not to play, that's their business. Also, other nations such as Russia are affected by those 8 NHL teams still playing. Last year, guys like Kovalchuk and Anisimov and Voynov would have been contenders to make the Russian team.

In regard to the '76 Canada Cup, I was only giving an example of when the tournament was not best on best. The Soviets chose to leave those players at home, probably to get a look at younger players in that competitive setting, but their best were not there.
Hey, I love the worlds and all international hockey. It's fun to win but it's not indicative of much of anything and certainly not worthy of the whooping and chest-thumping that goes on in Moscow every time Russia wins.

If you're going to shoot holes in the Canada/World Cup, you have to recognize the holes that already in the worlds. Yeah, Russia is also affected by those still playing in the NHL, but when fewer Russians are playing in the NHL now than a few years ago (there were only six Russians in the NHL playoffs in 2011 and 12 last season,) it has much less of an effect on them than on Canada.

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