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11-29-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
I want no parts of Hamilton. He is too aloof and I don't think he would mesh well with this team. Plus, I think going forward Hamilton is better suited as a corner OFer. I would prefer the Phils don't overspend on Hamilton and wait it out to see if Jacoby Ellsbury makes it to FA next offseason. I would prefer to stop-gap the CF position this year.
Our window of opportunity is too short to push it a year. We're about 3 years from a complete rebuild of this entire organization. To me, Josh Hamilton offers us the best chance to win now. To me, waiting on Ellsbury makes little sense when the opportunity to win with this team will be over soon.

I absolutely agree that Hamilton is better equipped to be a corner OF soon and I'm sure that he will be at some point in his impending deal regards of where he signs. There's nothing to say that we couldn't sign Hamilton today and use Halladay/Utley's money next season on Ellsbury. We're not far from those two being done... or at worst, considerably cheaper than their current respective deals.

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