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11-29-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Ah, I get it now. Just give him whatever he asks for. True enough, thats the ticket to get a new arena built.
Get er done Mande!
Seriously? What is the issue with Katz getting a Casino License? I don't see the issue in it. And I have worked in that industry for a long period of time. Alberta is basically Vegas North. Did you know Alberta is the third largest gaming market in the world? If the Oilers can get a small piece of that pie (and the ownership side is the smallest end of that pie) and you could even load the deck as far as what charities he sees in his casino. Give all the local minor hockey charities the dates that have games scheduled at home.

That's the biggest thing here. People thing that in Alberta that opening a casino is just a blank cheque for the owner. But they get the smallest portion of the profits from the Casino. The government and the charities take more than what the owner gets, but because Katz wants to use his part of the money to subsidize the team, people are all up in arms.

And it's pretty common practice for casino owners to use their casino to prop up other business ventures. The company I used to work for started out running bingo halls, moved to a casino, purchased a couple of small operations at the time (GP and Fort Mac) and turned them both into solid money makers, and in turn used the money from those places to build the Deerfoot. So in reality, Edmontonians should be happy that Katz wants to keep the money in the City of Edmonton. Because I would imagine the funds from the Baccarat probably don't even go to business in this country, probably most of the money is filtered back to Asia.

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