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11-29-2012, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You seem to remember nothing about what would be required to obtain a gaming licence in the province of Alberta, i.e. this being provincial domain and specifically that application would need to be made with AGLC and that Katz hasn't pursued this. Nor have you even considered that his political donation fiasco rules out his chances of obtaining such a license.

The Conservative Party may as well abdicate if they were stupid enough to allow such a licence to be granted to Katz at this point.
doens't matter what the conservatives do. the sheep will keep voting them in. they proved before the last election they were corrupt, out of touch and will just piss all our money away. yet look at the majority they won with.
The government's actions since the last election, including their lies about the budget, will be forgotten. they'll wave more money that they don't have at people, call the wildrose scary and too inexperienced, then keep screwing over Albertans.

They could give Katz everything he wants and I would put money on there not being any long term fallout that would lose their majority government.

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