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11-29-2012, 03:24 PM
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I don't find myself playing against other girls too often, however in my university intramural league the average team has 1 or 2 girls (non-contact and 2nd highest skill level). Most of these girls play pretty hard, they know they're facing a bunch of dudes so they actually go at it pretty hard, most guys however know they're going up against a girl and have this whole thought process of how hard they should play. I personally experience this thought process but its mainly acknowledging that I shouldn't come and crush them against the boards. So what I tend to do is come in with my stick and that usually does the job because so far the girls I've faced are of lower skill than I am, however sometimes they're not too bad with their stick so I just put my body between them and the puck. Its probably safe to assume your league is non-contact so just don't play dirty or unnecessarily rough its as simple as that. And they went through the suffrage movement for a reason, so that we (men) treat women as equals, that means playing as hard against them as you would against anyone else, plus they're not made of glass just play clean and hard.

And as someone else said, I bet any girl would be offended if you told them you didn't play hard against them, even if it is low level beer league.

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