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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I'm still unsure if Schroeder has trouble generating offense. His environment and playstyle have a lot to do with it. Perhaps when he is taken off the Wolves he will show better at the NHL level, much like Hodgson?

His utility comes down to his defense IMO. If he is ever used in Dzone situations in the NHL, as he has been in the AHL, then he becomes far more useful than a stop gap... The jury is still out on this guy. A 50~ point, PK capable C is a nice thing to have.
I don't buy the 'he'll score more at a higher level' argument with Schroeder. I've never seen a smallish skill player that this has been true for, ever. As a rule, smallish skill players who make the NHL utterly dominate at lower levels.

We heard the same thing when he had a bad year at Minnesota, and when he was with better players in the AHL .... he had a blip, then resumed not producing.

What I see in Schroeder is a guy who works hard but is generally a perimeter player and not overly willing to take the puck into the hard areas of the ice, thus vastly limiting his production.

When he gets motivated or finds some sack in new or more important situations (freshman year at Minnesota when he was playing to get drafted, WJCs, first stint in the AHL, a few AHL blips since then) he takes himself into those areas and his production goes way up.

To me, this is why we see a guy who 'looks like he should score more' and occasionally does but for the most part continually underwhelms offensively. Some guys are just cautious about putting themselves in positions where they might get smashed and to me Schroeder is one of them.

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