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11-29-2012, 03:52 PM
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It is either their way, or the highway, and if the players don't give in, we won't have a season. And its as though its okay with the owners.
That's been Bettman's stance all along, which is why calling it a 'negotiation' was a joke. A negotiation is supposed to be a win win scenario with a fair and reasonable outcome to both parties. That means each side gives, is open and flexible.
I'm curious to see how many owners are upset with him at the Board of Governors meeting next week and what if any, influence that may have. I cant' believe the majority of owners want to lose a season, a fanbase and the future of the sport.

How can they not see that Bettman fails at this each time? The fact it's the second lockout in less than a decade is sad and pathetic. The only progress that was made was that 14 hour marathon session a few weekends ago by Daley and Steve Fehr.

When Bettman said last week, 'the fans will come back' I wanted to spit on his face on the monitor. How arrogant. I wish the entire NHL fanbase would not show up to the same amount of games lost this year , if it does resume. 50 game season? sit out 32 and see how the owners like that.

I was hopeful the mediators would be able to get through to him and that maybe by Jan , we'd get a 50 game partial season.
Now I' think the season is lost and the future is muddy.

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