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The majority of ATD GMs don't participate in the AA and A drafts, so I don't see why everyone should have to wait for them. A year between ATDs is enough in my opinion. Since the lower level drafts are low pressure, could they happen at the same time as the main ATD if you guys want to continue?

Thanks for thinking of the goalie list. It was really irritating to me personally that last year's ATD was pushed up a few weeks earlier than scheduled, which meant that I couldn't focus on the first few rounds of the ATD and ended up making cases for defensemen in the defensemen project at the same time they were being drafted by other people in the ATD.

I think there's less of a problem of overlap with goalies though, as nobody cares that much about backup goalies in the ATD.

This is a rough schedule for the goalie list. If we stick to a top 40, there will be 10 votes.

Vote 5: over Dec 6
Vote 6: over Dec 14
Vote 7: over Dec 23
Vote 8: over Jan 3 (extra time for the holiday)
Vote 9: over Jan 12
Vote 10: over Jan 24. (extra time because it's the last round)

There's a chance the goalie project will be extended to top 50 if there is interest, but not worth talking about that now. If it is, this is the rough schedule of the last 3 rounds.

Vote 10: over Jan 21
Vote 11: over Jan 30
Vote 12: over Feb 9

From the perspective of the goalie project, the last week in January would be a fine time to start the ATD I think. The last week of January is when ATDs 2010 and 2011 both started.

I don't mind pushing it back to February, but would not want to push it back any further.

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