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11-29-2012, 05:22 PM
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i would have to take a look at the SPC closely again but i am pretty sure the SPC of the NHL specifically states that the contract evaporates if there is no successor CBA and that the contract will be held by the terms and conditions of the successor CBA. Thus I believe should the PA de-certify Bettmans clause will make all contracts null and therefor no lawsuits as nothing would be carried over.
Also with no Union i am pretty sure the NHL could very quickly centralize their business and contracts through the NHL, since no contracts would be left in existence. By de-certifying i am pretty sure the players would lose all their leverage.

I have even heard Bettman state it for the record that the SPC clearly states that its value, upon the current(now past) CBA expiring will be determined and bound by the successor, and that under the clause in the SPC both parties agree that with no CBA the contract is void.

Every player signed this contract.

Decertify= no collective bargaining = no CBA = contracts voided as per agreement signed in legal document = no lawsuits = no pay check = league with no union to have to agree with = league centralizing = league using players running off to KHL etc as proof the NHL is not a monopoly...and can lower wages to KHL numbers. = Bettman signing players and assigning them to a franchise. = take it or leave it offers.

oh yeah and bye bye pension...bye bye benefits... hello seeing players in regular hospital wait rooms.

could be glorious.

This should get interesting

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