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11-29-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by ToursLepantoVienna View Post
I just want the truth.

Portland has released specifics about its side of the story, but we get only this from the WHL:

"Our independent investigation in this case revealed there were multiple violations over an extended period for player benefits that are not permitted under WHL Regulations and were not disclosed to the WHL."

But why is the league so eager to end discussion of the matter? They close their statement with the following:

"The Western Hockey League will not make any further public comments on this matter."
We will never get the full story. Alot of kids got some benefits that are illegal for teams to hand out. Those specifics will NEVER come out becasue it will ruin alot of kids hockey careers reputations that are still playing. Alot of different rumors will come out but thats all that it will be... speculation. Is everyone honestly thinking that the WHL will come out and state "Oh so and so recieved 4 years of schooling in exchange of joining the Winterhawks for a half a season" or "So and so recieved $50,000 to change his mind and not play NCAA even though he had signed a letter of intent". It is over, and just remember, the league wouldnt come down this unbelievably harsh for basically flying in parents 2 times a year and giving their captain a cell phone. Alot of teams do that for their players(secretly). They seriously broke alot of rules and made a mockery of the league and it has all come out now how over the past few years they have gotten these HUGE named players.

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