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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Since your Swedish I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you don't realize how some American police units take underage drinking very serious. Now perhaps Grand Rapids is a big enough city that the police probably have actual real crimes to deal with, but if you don't think some cops in the US don't have hours to kill pestering you and threatening you about where you go your booze, well...
You get in a lot more trouble when you don't cooperate and Sheahan did. It is different depending on where you are, but underage drinking is ticketed and pushed in a lot of places but not with the aggression you are stating. The tricky part is that he is a foreign worker, but his offense from Notre Dame has been taken off his record. Really he goes down as a first time violator for both offenses. I would be surprised if this taken to the serious degree legally that you are saying.

Also there is a decent chance while watching the video did he get miranda rights, the audio was weak? Was he able to understand them, was any conversation he had admissible? The fact he pleaded not guilty makes me question some of that. I am not a legal expert but there are bunch of questions here and chances are he is going to have a very good lawyer. He will be punished, but I doubt deported and I doubt he sees the maximum penalties in terms of jail time with this offense. I hope he learns his lesson that is most important. But the lack of charges on Smith suggest they are having trouble with that angle at least in terms of Smith that is probably a good sign legally.

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