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Originally Posted by mightyquack View Post
"However, FIA sources confirmed to Autosport that there is a marshal's post in between the yellow-flag sector in which the incident occurred, where a green flag was waved before Vettel overtook Vergne."

"Under FIA regulations as flags take precedence over lights, which are a supplementary aid, Vettel is in the clear. Race director Charlie Whiting has since confirmed the findings, saying: 'If the lights are not installed at a flag post, the driver responds to the first signal that is shown.
'In Vettel's case, between the last yellow light and the green light there was a green flag being waved.
'The distance is 350 metres here. Vettel responded to the flag and did everything right."

Longer article:
I was talking about the lights, even if a there is an upcoming green light until you actually pass it it's considered a yellow zone...I just saw the waving flag video, and indeed it's fine...nothing to see here

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