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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
I never said he was a bust. I never said he wouldn't be a good NHL player.

I said he can't finish, and he can't. The "natural touch" or whatever you want to call it...he doesn't have it.
There's very few scorers in the league that are "naturals". Some guys don't naturally skate well, they learned. Some guys weren't naturally built strong, they trained. Most guys wouldn't have been even close to the NHL without work ethic. Matt Puempel's a natural goal scorer, he's still in junior, but trust me, he's a natural at goal scoring. That kid's got lots of work before he's ready for the NHL to play, or to score goals. He's also not far removed from being on everyone's **** list and being put into any trade proposal anyone can think of.

Do you see why I keep preaching that he's 19 and you need to let things play out. It could go either way, but the downside isn't anything to be afraid of (that's not for you, that's just a general comment). Wait til he's 23... you might be surprised at what comes of it. If he doesn't surprise you, he'll probably still be a good player.

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