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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think the tiebreaker is that Brodeur, Roy, and Hasek all had overlapping prime years, while Terry Sawchuk's prime barely overlapped with those of Plante and Hall if it did at all.

I also think the "era of goalies" comes just a bit later than the era of centers and defensemen.
i'll accept that. should be noted, however, that peak roy was before hasek was even a starter. not that post-peak roy was exactly chopped liver, obviously.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Potvin, Robinson, and Salming have virtually no prime overlap with Orr, so I don't think you can really consider them the same era. Take Orr off that list and it's still very good, but I think a clear second to the other Dman era mentioned (mid 80's - mid 90's), which could also add in Fetisov.
i'll concede this one too. especially when you throw fetisov in the mix, who i'd completely spaced on.

still seems weird. like everyone else, my first reaction would be to go with roy/hasek/brodeur/belfour for goalies, bourque/chelios/coffey/the gang for d-men, and gretzky/lemieux/etc. for centers. but a part of me wonders whether that's just *my* golden era because those were the heroes of my childhood. but maybe that era (or two eras) really was that deep. would explain how so many of those guys kept racking up first team all-stars well into the next generation (say, bourque still a first teamer in the lidstrom age, roy battling theodore for the vezina).

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