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11-29-2012, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I think the window is pretty much closed.

The only way they can compete is: if Halladay was just banged up and is able to return to more of his form, if Utley can stay healthy, and if Howard just ages like a normal freakin person instead of falling off a damned cliff.

I don't really want any parts of Hamilton, but Idk. I'd be less angry at shorter term and higher per year salary...but still I don't know.

I honestly think they need to rebuild, or they're going to wind up like the Eagles with several years of mediocrity, and a slow death.
I kind of agree with you. I still think this team is going to be good, but I'm not as optimistic as I was this time last year. They have a huge hole in center and the options are diminishing. They have some decent third base prospects, but they are a couple years away. They have talented, but unproven arms in the bullpen. All this on top of an aging roster.

BTW the Phillies offered Upton 5/$55. That would have been a nice deal for us. Can't blame him taking the extra $20 million. I really don't want Bourn, but if his price declines significantly, I would be OK with it, but he'd just be another aging guy at a key position. Pagan's OK, Hamilton can't play CF, Victorino we already tried, Span just got traded, Fowler is overvalued. There's Bourjos, but you'd probably have to give up a lot. Maybe he makes a trade for someone off the radar, but Rube's in a pickle it seems.

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