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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
It's going to get ugly... It needs to get ugly... Both sides still feel the other is bluffing... Before September even rolled around, some players were saying December 1st is when they expect to play hockey (if some are saying it, more are thinking it)... Well, December 1st is Saturday... As days and weeks pass, past December 1st, we'll hear terrible things about the NHL and Bettman from the players... We might see Decertification rumblings (or, formal filings)... Another thing some players communicated as a "bluff" needed to get the NHL to move (if some are saying it, more are thinking it)... NHL call this "bluff" too... Call the season off immediately, at least, informally...

Doesn't matter how bleak it gets the first half of December, I still think a deal gets done for hockey January 1st (or, around there)... It needs to get bleak now... NHL needs to call all of the NHLPA's bluffs to get the players questioning Fehr...

Decertification? Cancelled season immediately... Players to Fehr, umm, is this what we really wanted? I thought the owners would give in with the threat!

I'm not an owner supporter... I'm not a player supporter either... But I think it would be absolutely foolish for the players to put pride ahead of making a good decision... Eventually, Leonidas Fehr needs to bow to the Xerxes Bettman... This isn't a battle worth sacrificing Sparta over, IMHO... The players "win" even if they "lose"... The only one who loses is Fehr, who's pride gets damaged through bowing... The players proved their point, IMO... The players stood up for themselves... The players pushed back, when being pushed... Held their ground, fighting off the Persian "god king" after round-and-round of battles... There's a time and place not to bow and die in the final, epic battle scene... This isn't it, IMO... You'd be hard pressed to find the majority of people (let alone, hockey fans) who would look up to the players for dying on their sword here... This isn't a battle worth dying over...

The owners, yes, they want all of the land (for whatever reason)... All of their significant demands met... Are they right? Are they wrong? In a battle between big Goliath and little Goliath, is it wrong for big Goliath to try and squish little Goliath? I don't think so... At least, it's to be expected... It's difficult to feel terrible for little Goliath here... To be flexing his guns and swinging his sword, time and again... Stay down, for Christ sake, IMHO... After all, little Goliath isn't David... Little Goliath could have lived to fight another day... against the Davids of the world... Hell, live to fight against Big Goliath another day... Hard to feel bad for Little Goliath... Hardly a target for my sympathy, if he commits suicide by deciding to fight to the end... He should have decided to live, IMO... He has a lot of good things to live for...

The fans are David... Now a fight between David against Big Goliath and Little Goliath is one I could really get into...

Go David go! Everybody loves an underdog... Such is life in the food chain...
If they decertified, the lockout would be ended by the courts. They can't lockout a union that no longer exists. They would be forced to bring the players back and honor the contracts they signed. Anti-trust is a big deal. The owners could not collude to impose an artificial cap or to keep salaries down, or else they would open themselves up to anti-trust charges. With no CBA, there would be no draft, no RFA's just UFA's, no league minimum or maximum salaries, no pension. It could end up in the courts for years. It's a nuclear option with blowback for the players too. Rules can't be imposed unilaterally by the league without a bargaining unit to agree to the conditions.

To get to this point though, the union has to prove that they did everything in their power to negotiate an agreement, which is why they went along with mediation.

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