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Originally Posted by Hades View Post
While Silva does seem to have a better skill set, I really think GSP has a shot. He's an incredibly smart fighter who doesn't take stupid risks. I think that mentally, he's the toughest fighter out there. He has that thing that makes you think he just can't lose.

Anyway, I really hope GSP takes this fight in the near future. He has to have a fight or two again to get back in full shape, though.
I agree with your smart comment. GSP is probably the best at knowing his limitations and exploiting his opponents weaknesses without putting himself in jeopardy, but as far as being strong mentally and dealing with adversity I don't agree.

I've seen him look vulnerable a few times in tough spots. Against Shields he was going on and on about his eye and seemed to panic a bit. Against condit you can hear him talking to his corner concerned after the 3rd round. He hasn't been really tested, but that's a testament to his skill level.

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