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Originally Posted by howlman View Post
Nothing will change in Wolf land until owner Mark Burgess is gone. Some people just don't understand this. Everything stems from Burgess the clown. We can sit here and say we need a new coach, better scouting, this and that ect... all this really doesn't mean s**t until the real problem is gone, which is Mark Burgess.
I dont think that Mark Burgess is the major problem. He is ok with his kid playing every other gam, and minimal shifts. That is not enough to ruin the team.

We dont have the top end hockey minds in GM and Coach. With the high draft picks that Sudbury has had over the last 5 years (1st, 5th, 5th, 6th and 14th), we should have a team that has been competing for overall top spot in east for the last 2 years and at least a potential Mem Cup contender. BUT WE DONT HAVE SUCH A THING.

It clearly shows that the drafts have been subpar, and the trades to lure players around the drafted kids have been subpar. Best deal from BS was securing Sgarbossa, but in Sgarbossa we got an Individualist and not a team player. He wanted the puck and wanted to be on at all key times, so that he promoted himself and not the team, and that has set back Sudbury a couple of years. Coach and GM havent realized this.

Last good crop of talented players was under the Foligno reign. That might say something. BS is a nice guy, but he doesnt come from a hockey background and is not a high end hockey mind.

They believe that they are mem cup contenders this year and want to be buyers????? Only BS, MB and Cull believe this. They need to accept that they are not contenders, and be sellers and consider contending in a few years.

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