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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
If they decertified, the lockout would be ended by the courts. They can't lockout a union that no longer exists. They would be forced to bring the players back and honor the contracts they signed. Anti-trust is a big deal. The owners could not collude to impose an artificial cap or to keep salaries down, or else they would open themselves up to anti-trust charges. With no CBA, there would be no draft, no RFA's just UFA's, no league minimum or maximum salaries, no pension. It could end up in the courts for years. It's a nuclear option with blowback for the players too. Rules can't be imposed unilaterally by the league without a bargaining unit to agree to the conditions.

To get to this point though, the union has to prove that they did everything in their power to negotiate an agreement, which is why they went along with mediation.
OK, but I think I remember Daly saying that if the NHLPA decertifies (or, was it files for decertification?) that the season would most likely have to be cancelled...

My point was, if the NHLPA is "bluffing" with "starting the process" of decertification (thinking that the NHL will be pressured to move), that I think the NHL calls the bluff, and returns by saying the season now needs to be cancelled...

Edit: here's a link:

About the possibility that the NHLPA might decertify as a strategy:

Daly: "I wouldn't view an antitrust lawsuit in this case to be anything other than an unfortunate development because I think it's a time-consuming process that would likely lead to the end of the season."

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